The Pursuit and Challenge to be One of a Kind 

The motto of our company is to develop products that are ahead of its time and to establish Tonex Standard.  While deploying products that fully meet our customer’s needs, we utilize our accumulated mechatronics technology to propel forward with proposal-based product development.  Building on our good track record, we have made much progress in developing actuators that are compact, quiet, and durable.  We will continue to move forward to advance our company, aspire to improve the lives and happiness of our employees and to be a needed entity in our society.  


1990 October Established Tonex Co., Ltd., in Sanwa-Cho, Isesaki with the capital of 10 million JPY. Started designing and producing mechatronics components.
1996 August Head office moved to Azuma village, Gunma.
1998 June Established Office in Hong Kong, Jin Yue Technologies. (Business Partner)
1999 November Established China plant, Jin Yue Ri Electronic Factory in Dongguan. (Business Partner)
2003 March Expanded Test facility at head office.
  April increased capital to 44 million JPY.
Established 2nd plant in China, Rixian Electronic Factory in Dongguan. (Business Partner)
  October Tonex head office is ISO9001 certified.
2005 January Address of head office was changed due to local unification.
  March 1st China plant is ISO/TS16949 certified. (Business Partner)
  November New organization kicked off in Tonex head office.
2006 June 2nd China plant is ISO/TS16949 certified. (Business Partner)
2008 January Established Thai Tonex Factory in Chonburi, Pinthong Industry Area in Thailand. (Business Partner)
2010 July Integrated 1st and 2nd Factories in China as Dokushi, Donguan Rixiang Electronics Co., Ltd. established (Business Partner)
  August Thai Tonex is ISO/TS16949 certified. (Business Partner)
2013 August Shinsei Shoji Holding Company established. Tonex Co., Ltd. becomes a subsidiary company.
2015 December Thai Tonex enlarges its factory building (Business Partner)
2017 December Tonex head office is ISO9001/ISO14001 certified.