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We pride ourselves on our compact mechatronic product technology.  We have found our place in the well-known Japanese industry of electronics.  We produce a unique oil sensor which detects oil amounts in the refrigerant of an air-conditioner. 

OIL Regurator

Uses Detects oil and refrigerant quantity in medium and large-sized compressor.  Prevents compressor burn and reduces maintenance time.
Features Float sensitive
Resistance to high temperature
Resistance to high pressure

Gas Control Valve

Uses For gas engine.
Controls gas supply quantities.
Features High reliability
Long service life
Variation by gas type

Geared Motor

Use Activates the water heater valve on a boiler.
Features High torque

Grille Mecha Assy

Use Moves the filter kit of an industrial air-conditioner up and down for cleaning. 
Features Low-price due to compact design
Adjustable height upon setting.